A (shortish) letter from Debs

Hello Dear (over-stretched) Business Owner & (optimistic) Author,

It's not flipping easy, this book selling lark.

If you're anything like me then you wrote your book(s) because you wanted to:

  • make a difference,
  • share your ideas and experiences,
  • and, of course, help people.

Yet people just don't seem to buy.

I've chatted with loads of authors over the years and heard the same story: "If only Jim read my book, he'd sort his life out," or "Jenny would find her answers in chapter 4..."

You're not alone and it's not your fault.

Twenty years ago I wrote and published my first book, "The Gorillas Want Bananas" and it changed the course of my life; and plenty of people told me it changed theirs too.

Now, twenty* years later I'm bringing everything I can to the task of helping authors get their books into the hands of the people who need them so that you, the author, gets a brilliant business result too.

I joke** that there are 1768 ways to market a book, and a few will work, the problem is finding out those activities that do work, and actually doing them!

I know how it feels, we've got businesses to run too - my books frequently take a back seat while I deliver to clients.

I know when you first published there was the excitement of the launch, your publisher gave you a (bit of a) helping hand, your mom was your best salesperson, but now everyone seems to have moved on. 

Yet you put time, effort, money and tears (there were tears, tell the truth!) into your book. And your book is still really valuable to them and to you! Well written, valuable books don't stop being valuable 6 months after they're published. The problem is:

  • you have an asset that's not being capitalised (well that sounds very grown up!)
  • you have an opportunity that you're not realising
  • you have the best sales tool sitting on your desk
  • and you know it... but the overwhelm!

The overwhelm, flipping heck - I could do a new marketing thing every day. There are even books called 1001 ways to market your book.

It pisses me off when I see people less smart than my clients and friends get ahead by using their books - I know you guys are much more cleverer [sic].

If you only had a gentle push, once per month, to guide you and answer all your questions...

... lol, you know what's coming, right?

Here's the pitch... I've got a cunning plan:

  • I want to bring a small, intimate group of only authors together, we catch up once per month, on the first Monday. 
  • Me and my little team give you a small atomic task that will move your book into the hands of the right people (a Book Playbook). We'll include the worksheets/checklists/templates to make it happen (the Tactic Pack) so you can give the task to your assistant.
  • I've made you a place to share your results, problems, or feedback, where you can talk to other business owners who are also authors!

It doesn't have to be so complicated, and if we help each other, share ideas, promote each other's books we can all gain. You ready to join us and get your book out there even more?

How it will work:

  1. Sign up and join us for the first month - September - it will only cost you 1 euro, we kick off in October.
  2. We'll meet at 6pm Debs O'Clock (5pm GMT) in a private online room on the first Monday of the month.
  3. I'll share a simple tactic for moving your book, we'll give you a checklist and any templates needed so you can do it yourself or get your assistant to do it (heck, bring your assistant to the meeting with you if you want).
  4. You get the month to do the activity, share your success, ask for help and advice, learn from your peers.
  5. Then we do it again the following month with a new atomic tactic.
  6. If you miss a session it will be recorded, and for as long as you're a member you can watch and download the checklists etc...
The outcome we are working towards is setting up activities that work without you!

Because you'll be orchestrating, batching, outsourcing, SaaSing, automating or AIing.

You can unsubscribe any time, there are no penalties (except my very stern look).

Now, some of the tactics might not be quite right for you, but I promise you'll learn new stuff along the way. You don't have to do everything, there are no laws and certainly no marketing police! More importantly you'll want to do the things because you'll be activated, enthused and gently poked to put it into practice.

We all know more stuff than we actually get round to doing, right? Think of me as the funny*** force of nature that will give you a loving kick in the pants once per month!

It's only 49euros per month (after your first month at 1euro). That's about the same as your internet connection costs (you know for streaming back to back Netflix series when you should be getting clients?)

If you're IN, click on the link and grab your place. Pay your euro, login and say hello! I'll be inside waiting to give you a virtual hug!

Here's the link: Let me in, I've got a book to share!

Let me help you.


PS: My 16th book is coming out in October, you'll get a physical copy sent to your home or office if you sign up in September as a thank you for trusting me to help you and being one of the first to join up.

PPS: No armholes**** are invited, and armholery will be dealt with swiftly!

PPPS: We'll keep it exclusive because there's entry criteria, and you will be encouraged (incentivised - with real money - lol) to invite people you like to join us.

PPPPS: Over time the library of activities will grow, we'll circle back and improve the tactics. New tactics will spring up. Which means the price will go up for new joiners but it will always be low for you (the same price for as long as you're a member!)

PPPPPS: If you're not a "joiner" you don't have to do any weird extrovert things (ask me about the guy with one ball one of these days), you can come along, listen, get the resources to move your book!

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPS: Is this the letter with the most PSes ever?

* I need to stop saying twenty years ago, it's making me feel very old, pre-LinkedIn, Ed (the ginger lad) Sheeran's voice hadn't even broken!

** Not all my jokes are funny.

*** Funny haha, not funny weird!

**** My mom's favourite swear word!

Nearly finished...

Finally, I'm "supposed" to give you a value stack, right? All the bloody yummy things you'll get when you join? I ought to go all Hormozi on you, tell you the individual (inflated) prices of all the components, throw a chunk of scarcity in, draw some pictures of digital things in boxes and put a hat on.

Look, I'm not offering you a thousand dollar stack. I won't be wearing shorts and I don't have a big beard anymore (menopause insider joke).

But you will get digital copies of "Stop writing books nobody reads", "The Amazon Bestseller Plan", "Stop selling books nobody buys", "The Directions, Map & Landmark Communications Compass" and new books as they come out (you can have a copy of my Spanish cookery book if you want it too).

You'll get access to all the tools and courses I share with my one to one clients as we go through the sprints.

You get me on your book marketing strategy team without having to pay the minimum 1500 euro per month (oops, I should have added that to the value stack picture below).

So, are you joining us?

1€ first month, then

49€ monthly

  • Monthly LIVE strategy sprint call to explain your book Playbook for that month
  • The monthly Tactic Pack with checklists, templates, resources
  • Meet the first Monday of the month at 5pm GMT
  • Safe space for queries, resources, videos, courses
  • All the things in the "value stack" are yours to keep!
  • Chat & forum for networking and getting your questions answered
  • You bring the tea, coffee or gin


100000s in

  • Lost opportunities
  • Missed buyers
  • Regret